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May 15, 1999

Throughout centuries, China's policy towards its neighbors has been based on deception, falsification and exploitation. The following record, written by the great Chinese historian Pan Ku of the Han Dynasty (206 BC- 200 AD), exemplifies the mainstream of Chinese policy towards it's neighbors:

Apr 23, 1999

An ancient mummy dubbed the "handsome Yingpan man" has been found in China's remote northwest province of Xinjiang, state media reported.

May 16, 1998

India may be upset that a country which sells the most arms, has conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and which is the only country to actually use nuclear arms against another nation, is trying to punish it.

May 20, 1997

An influx of large numbers of migrant workers into Xinjiang cotton fields threatens to stir up ethnic unrest.

Aug 16, 1993

This is an internal (Neibu ziliao) material, which means it is only for the inside circle of Chinese Communists. It was published in 1994 as a chapter of a book written by a government sponsored research group. The title of the book:" Pan-Turkism & Pan-Islamism Study".
Chief editor of the book: Yang faren
Assistant editor: Li Ze, Dong Sheng.


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