February 2012

A Chinese vision begins to emerge

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 23:22

The dominant stereotype of Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East is "amoral oil grubbing mercantilists who never met a dictator they didn't like".

China's stake in the Syria stand-off

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 23:21

In Tunisia, representatives of 70 nations are trying to find ways to pressure Syria into accepting a ceasefire, to allow humanitarian access, and to show support for Syria's opposition.

Uyghur Congress Denounces China’s ‘Patriotic Education’

Wed, 02/22/2012 - 22:02

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) has criticized measures recently imposed by Beijing authorities, saying they will “trample” freedom of belief and foment religious persecution in Xinjiang.

Uighur protests as China's Xi visits Turkey

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 22:20

Activists from China's Muslim Uighur minority burnt Chinese flags in Ankara on Tuesday where China's leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping was holding talks with Turkish officials on regional issues.

Uyghurs Detained in Hotan

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 22:17

Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have closed down at least 200 places of worship and detained 129 Muslim Uyghurs in a security crackdown ahead of national parliamentary meetings in March, according to exile sources and official media.

China, Turkey signs currency swap deal

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 22:16

China and Turkey on Tuesday set aside differences on how to deal with the raging violence in Syria and signed a three-year currency swap deal worth $1.6 billion (euro1.2 billion) to enable bilateral trade in local currencies.

Turkistan 'terrorists' hurt Uyghur cause

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 22:15

The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) harbors the lofty and unrealistic goal of expelling Chinese "occupiers" from Xinjiang province and create an independent State called "East Turkistan".

Concerns Raised About Human Rights During Chinese VP Visit

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 22:58

Trade and security issues topped Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's talks in the United States this week, but a wide range of concerns about human rights were raised during the visit as well.

Ideological Campaign Launched in Xinjiang

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 22:55

Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have launched an  ideological campaign amid ethnic tension between the Muslim Uyghur ethnic group and the rapidly growing Han Chinese migrant population, official media reported.

Insight: Suns rise and set rapidly in China leadership opera

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 22:48

Leaders battling for promotion in China's Communist Party are using pages out of an old manual for negotiating the rungs of power, with the launch of separate probes that have tarnished the chances of one rising star and burnished those of another.