May 2018

Interview: ‘I Cannot Express The Pain And Helplessness I Feel’

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:24
Elenur Eqilahun in an undated photo. Photo courtesy of Nurbiye Nurtay

A Uyghur in Malaysia says she recently learned that her mother was detained in a political re-education camp by authorities in Xinjiang.

China’s Uyghur Repression

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:22
Chinese soldiers march in front of the Id Kah Mosque, China's largest, on July 31, 2014 in Kashgar, China. Getty

In the name of combating Islamic extremism, the Chinese Communist Party has embarked on a massive campaign of harassment and detention of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province.

Does China’s digital police state have echoes in the West?

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 18:18

The state can gather more information, more easily, than ever before. Do not underestimate the risks

Xinjiang Jails Uyghur Civil Servants Over Lack of Enthusiasm For Anti-Extremist Campaigns

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 20:55
A Uyghur official stands near a picture of what the Chinese government says is a dead 'separatist militant' at an exhibition in the XUAR's Hotan city, in a file photo. AP

Sources say the two men were targeted as part of a crackdown on so-called ‘two-faced’ officials.

Rep. Smith Statement on the Release of the State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 20:53
U.S. Congressman Christopher Henry Smith

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Chair of the House Subcommittee on Global Human Rights and a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Tuesday welcomed the release of the State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report and applauded Secretary Pompeo’s announcement of a Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom scheduled for July 25-26, 2018.

The Increasing Challenge of Foreign Correspondence in China

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 20:50
Two ethnic Uighur women pass Chinese paramilitary policemen standing guard outside the Grand Bazaar in the Uighur district of the city of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang region. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

The rise of Xi Jinping as China's most powerful leader in decades has coincided with tightened censorship, heightened propaganda, and greater pressure applied to foreign correspondents than before.

Religious Repression Ramps Up in China, Myanmar: Report

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 20:38
 Police officers stand watch near a center believed to be used for 're-education' in Xinjiang's Korla city, Nov. 2, 2017. AP

China has jailed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in re-education camps, while Myanmar stepped up attacks on religious minorities during the year.

Uyghur Student Missing, Believed Detained After Return From Malaysia University

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 20:42
Gulgine Tashmemet in an undated photo.

She may have been targeted for studying in a country deemed a hotbed of Muslim ‘extremism.’

Beijing accused of forcing Uyghur-Han intermarriages

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 20:40
A post about a sad Uyghur bride marrying a Han man is claimed to be new evidence of Beijing's forced intermarriages in Xinjiang. Photo: Facebook screen grab

Beijing is bent on 'racial cleansing' targeting Uyghurs in the name of social inclusion and assimilation, a rights group claims