October 2018


Mon, 10/22/2018 - 19:10
Credits: Aaronhry – CC BY-SA 4.0

Authorities are monitoring a content sharing app, and anyone who uses it has their cellphone suspended automatically.


Mon, 10/22/2018 - 19:09

part from being a human rights crisis, this is also leading to broken households as many lose their breadwinners.

One belt, one road, one million prisoners: China’s secret war on Muslims along the ‘Silk Road’

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 19:07
image by Khadija Said

In March last year, a local radio employee received a phone call from his district’s police station, asking him to report to a “re-education camp” in Xinjiang. “The reason why I was caught is because I went to Egypt to study Islam in 2007,” he tells gal-dem over a WhatsApp call. He is too afraid to use his real name or Facebook.

Kazakh Man From China Says Father Died In 'Reeducation Camp' In Xinjiang

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 19:04
Omirbek Bekaly is one of several whistle-blowers in Kazakhstan who have raised the issue of the camps in Xinjiang.

An ethnic Kazakh man from China, Omirbek Bekaly, says his 80-year-old father died in a so-called "reeducation camp" in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang.

The Persecution of the Intellectuals in the Uyghur Region: Disappeared Forever?

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 09:45

A new report from the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) details how 231 intellectuals have been forcibly disappeared, interned in political indoctrination camps, removed from their posts or imprisoned since April 2017. 

Exile Leaders Slam China Claims of ‘Voluntary Vocational Training’ For Detained Uyghurs in Xinjiang

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 23:51
Shohrat Zakir, chairman of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

They call it an attempt to deceive the international community about the political 're-education camp' network ahead of a UN rights council meeting.

Kicking it With a Champion: Uyghur Athlete Dominates World Kickboxing

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 23:48
Kickboxing world champion Shahrizat Hallilova (left) competing in Thailand in 2018 RFA/Oyghan

A young Uyghur athlete is taking the world of international kickboxing by storm, having recently won four world championships competing for Kyrgyzstan.

A large crowd gathered to demand that China is held accountable for their persecution of minorities

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 23:46

On 18 October 2018, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) and its member organisations the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC), in collaboration with the International Campaign for Tibet, organised a demonstration outside of the European Commission in Brussels.

My aunt and sister in China have vanished. Are they being punished for my activism?

Fri, 10/19/2018 - 23:45
Uighurs and their supporters rally across the street from United Nations headquarters in New York, March 15, 2018.

The Chinese government has imprisoned about 1 million people, without any pretense of trial, in “reeducation camps” in the country’s far west.

Xinjiang Authorities Detain Prominent Uyghur Journalist in Political ‘Re-Education Camp’

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 21:33
Qurban Mamut (L) and his son Bahram Qurban (R) in Washington, February 2017.

Qurban Mamut’s son says his father was targeted because he is living in exile in the US.