January 2019

Uighurs: Nowhere To Call Home

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 16:39
Abduweli Ayup

101 East follows Chinese Uighurs as they flee what they call repression and detainment in their homeland.

China’s Dystopian Experiment in Xinjiang

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 16:31

Hudson Institute will host an event on the Chinese Communist Party’s police state in Xinjiang and what it means for the world’s future. U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas will deliver keynote remarks, followed by a panel of Uyghur human rights leaders and experts.

US lawmakers nominate jailed Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti for Nobel peace prize

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 16:26
Ilham Tohti. File photo: Amnesty International.

US lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle said Wednesday they have nominated jailed Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti — sentenced to life in prison for “separatism” — for the Nobel peace prize.

Turkish-Islamic community to hold protests over Uyghurs

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 16:24
Uyghurs and their supporters protest in Turkey. Nov 23, 2018. Photo: RFA

IGMG to speak out against China’s treatment of Uyghurs in Xinjiang region

US Lawmakers Nominate Jailed Uyghur Academic Ilham Tohti to Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 15:57
Ilham Tohti and his wife in a photo sent to RFA's Uyghur Service via WeChat on Jan 13, 2014, two days before his detention. RFA

They say that amid a crackdown in Xinjiang, voices like Tohti’s ‘are needed more than ever.’

‘I Dream About the Suffering in the Camp Most of the Time Now’

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 15:56
A guard tower and barbed wire fences are seen around a political re-education camp in the XUAR's Atush city, Dec. 3, 2018. AP

A Uyghur woman details her detention in a political ‘re-education camp’ for visiting her husband’s home country of Pakistan.

CEAS Symposium: Human Rights and China

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 15:52

As we mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 25th anniversary of the Bangkok Declaration (a foundational document of the “Asian values” version of human rights), and nearly three decades since the People’s Republic of China officially accepted universal human rights, this symposium brings together leading experts to examine the state of human rights in China.

Erik Prince company to build training center in China's Xinjiang

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 15:40

Hong Kong-listed Frontier Services Group (FSG), co-founded by former U.S. military services contractor Erik Prince, has signed a deal to build a training base in China’s far western region of Xinjiang, the company said in a statement.

Uyghur scholars and students interned or disappeared

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 21:04
Xinjiang University President Tashpolat Teyip (R) with unidentified man, May 16, 2014.

Specific details are emerging about an alarming number of university teachers of China’s Uyghur Muslim minority identified as interned, imprisoned or forcibly disappeared in China – part of a major government crackdown on Uyghurs that has seen around 1 million detained in camps in Xinjiang province since 2017.

NGOs urge UN to adopt resolution on China's human rights abuses

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 21:01

Alleged mass detention of Uighurs sparks call for strong collective action