Opening Ceremony of a political  reeducation camp in Lopnur County, Xinjiang
Oct 12, 2018

WHEN REPORTS began filtering out of China last year about a massive indoctrination and internment drive against ethnic Muslim Uighurs in the western region of Xinjiang, the government in Beijing denied that anything was going on. Later, China acknowledged that criminals and people who committed minor offenses might be sent to “vocational education” centers there. Now, the regime has gone a step further, revising a regional law to admit the dark reality: An archipelago of concentration camps has been built.

Oct 11, 2018

China’s infamous “Great Firewall” has had success managing dissent within its borders, but its influence is limited and reactive. Recent times have seen the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) becoming more proactive through the manufacture and exploitation of cellphones used to populate cultural internment camps at home. Of further concern is this tech also possesses “capacity to conduct undetected espionage” abroad.

Oct 10, 2018

U.S. policy toward China has assumed for decades that trade, investment and other engagement would eventually persuade Beijing to accept and embrace the international order. This optimism was misplaced.

The Loving Heart Kindergarten in Hotan, in a 2018 photo. Credit: RFA
Sep 25, 2018

THE TRUMP administration was rightly excoriated and forced to retreat when it adopted the tactic of separating the children of undocumented immigrants from their detained parents earlier this year. Yet this cruel and since-rescinded practice pales beside China’s ongoing mistreatment of children in its western Xinjiang province.

 Internet-connected things at HuaQiangBei Electronic Market, Shenzhen. Guangdong province, China. September 2015.  Photo: Kandukuru Nagarjun
Sep 24, 2018

Chinese tech giant Hikvision, which supplies surveillance cameras to China’s concentration camps, gets a lot of help from its American friends. The PR giant Burson-Marsteller earns $25,000 a month by helping Hikvision’s U.S. subsidiary with tasks such as “strategic planning and guidance.”

In this Nov. 4, 2017 photo, residents walk past a statue showing Mao Zedong near a square in Kashgar, in western China's Xinjiang region.  NG HAN GUAN/AP
Sep 21, 2018

How, in the most populated country, do you make a million people disappear?

Indian Muslims in Mumbai protest Chinese treatment of ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang province. (Rajanish Kakade/AP)
Sep 18, 2018

THE TOTALITARIANISM of the 21st century is being pioneered in a vast but remote region of western China inaccessible to most outsiders and subject to a media blackout by China’s Communist authorities.

Outside a mosque in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, 2017. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGE
Sep 17, 2018

The assault on the Uighurs serves Beijing’s imperial ambitions, which require stable land borders.

Sep 17, 2018

China is conducting one of the largest mass internment campaigns known to history.

Police officers patrol a night food market in Kashgar, in the Xinjiang Uighur region.CreditCreditOhannes Eisele/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Sep 17, 2018

A regime at war with the human soul will eventually lose.


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