China’s Repression and Internment of Uyghurs: U.S. Policy Responses

Subcommittee Hearing
09.26.2018 2:00pm 2172 Rayburn Asia and the Pacific

Chairman Yoho on the hearing: “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is executing a horrific campaign against religious and ethnic minorities in China’s Northwest, involving systemic religious and cultural oppression, mass internment in ‘re-education’ centers, and the creation of a dystopian high-tech police state. The dire situation in the Xinjiang region has been described as ‘cultural genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing.’ To pursue a disturbing and distasteful vision of ‘ethnic harmony,’ the Party has criminalized the Muslim faith of the Uyghurs, formerly the region’s majority population. A state-driven internal colonization effort has reduced the concentration of Uyghurs in the area, and government incentives promote intermarriage with majority Han Chinese. Everyday people are subjected to an invasive and oppressive security program, involving forced genetic sampling, AI surveillance, a heavy militarized police presence, and drastically reduced information, communications, and travel. Astoundingly, at least hundreds of thousands, and as many as millions of people are being detained in rapidly-growing concentration camps. This hearing will provide Members an opportunity to discuss these atrocities with experts on the situation in Xinjiang, receive an update on the latest developments, and discuss policy options.”


Adrian Zenz, Ph.D.
Independent Researcher
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Mr. Nury Turkel
Chairman of the Board 
Uyghur Human Rights Project
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Justin Jacobs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of History
American University
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