Nestorian Christianity and Uyghurs

Hi Jack,

Thanks for posting these excellent, informative articles from the Common Voice.

Erkin Alptekin's profile of the Uyghurs was very well researched and written. However, I see one glaring ommission in his record of Uyghur history. Alptekin's article has no mention of the role Uyghurs played in the spread of Nestorian Christianity throughout Central Asia and China.

Before Islam established a hegemony in Central Asia, the Uyghurs enjoyed great freedom of religion. At various times in their history, and often at the same time, communities of Uyghurs practiced Shamanism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeanism, Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, as well as Catholic and Protestant Christianity very briefly. Their position along the Silk Road allowed the Uyghurs to enjoy the fruits of free trade in goods and ideas. This legacy of Uyghur history should be emphasized as a wonderful heritage of Uyghur culture. Religious freedom is one of the human rights being violated by the atheistic communist regime of China. Religious freedom should be one of the human rights defended by the Uyghur community.

With respect for the historical evidence, and in all humility and deference to Erkin aka's authority as a Uyghur historian, I have made a few corrections to his excellent article.

Yours for the sake of certifiable accuracy and historical truth,

Edgar Emmett