Orkhun Inscriptions

 "...The expression of the Chinese are flowery and their gifts are pleasant... Their flowery words and pleasant gifts appeal to the peoples living far off...Thereafter they spread the seeds of intrigues... Able and good minded people are not allowed to do their work... Many Turkic tribes died when they were attracted by the flowery words and pleasant gifts of the Chinese...As the Chines are very cunning, they induced the younger brother to rise against the elder...Turkic Khagans (rulers) came into conflict with their people... As a result, the lands of the Turkic peoples were subject to decay and the independent Turkic khanates perished... Although the Turkic peoples gave all their support to them, yet the Chinese emperors wanted to exterminate the Turkic peoples and root them out... O the Turkic peoples wake up and return to yourself before it is too late..."