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Sep 25, 2001

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in the United
States, the authors of the seminal 1999 Chinese People's Liberation Army
text on 21st Century "asymetrical" warfare, titled "Unrestricted Warfare,"
were interviewed in the September 13, 2001 People's Republic of China-owned
Ta Kung Pao newspaper in Hong Kong.

Sep 24, 2001

China has granted one million dollars to bolster the armed
forces of Tajikistan, which neighbors Afghanistan, Agence France Presse
reports. Tajik Defense Minister Sherali Hairullayev said the assistance was
delivered during a visit to Dushambe, the Tajik capitol, by a senior Chinese defense team. The money has been earmarked for military exercises, education and rearmament, the minister said.

Jul 2, 2001

In an economic report made on November 28 last year in Urumchi, Chairman of the local government of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region Ablet Abdurashid reported that "the average per capita income in the cities and towns of Xinjiang in 2000 was 5,870 yuan, while that of the farmers was 1,620 yuan" and that "Xinjiang occupies the second place among the five northwestern regions and provinces of China in terms of economic development and the 12th place in the country in terms of gross output per capita.

Jun 18, 2001

At first sight, it looks like a new beginning
of the Great Game to control Central Asia, and from
there the whole Eurasian continent. At a closer look,
though, things appear quite different, as if China is
now trying to gain a second sea rim on the shores of
Europe, facing the American East Coast.

Apr 2, 2001

The total population was 19,250,000 (includes people came from outside, does not include people went outside). It is 18,462,100 excluding the 790,000 people whose permenant residency can not be determined. Compared to the 15,160,000 from the 4th National Censuses conducted on July 1, 1990, the population increased 4,090,000.

Jan 19, 2001

Chinese archaeologists have recently re-discovered the Xiaohe Tombs (Small River tombs) in Lop Nur, a desert in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, after they were first found 66 years ago.

Dec 6, 2000

hina is embarking on an ambitious project to develop its vast western regions, for centuries the poorest and least densely inhabited areas of the country. The overt motivation is an economic one, specifically the relief of poverty.

Oct 14, 1999

Life is not easy for the Uighur people living in East Turkestan.
The Chinese government's birth control policy conflicts with their traditionally large families, and nuclear testing has taken its toll as well.

Oct 12, 1999

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, six Turkic-speaking countries in central Asia gained their independence, With a population of around 30 million worldwide, seven Turkic countries (including Turkey) have joined the UN so far, These changes have further stimulated the Xinjiang Uighur people's awareness for independence.

Oct 11, 1999

Standing just 1.63 meters tall, one could hardly believe this 73-year-old amiable -looking gentleman is a legendary military figure: a first lieutenant in the Turkish artillery in the Korean War, Chief of Staff of the Center Treaty Organization, the head of the UN's mission in Afghanistan, and the organization of the Xinjiang Independence movement.


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