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Mar 21, 2018

A China-backed UN resolution on “mutually beneficial cooperation” might not be all it seems.

Mar 19, 2018

Based on extensive interviews with writers, poets, artists, activists, and others personally affected by the government’s grip on online expression, as well as interviews with anonymous employees at Chinese social media companies, Forbidden Feeds: Government Controls on Social Media in China lays bare the destructive impact of the Chinese government’s vision of “cyber sovereignty” on netizens who dare to dissent.

Bozoi Gumbaz in Badakshan where the old Soviet base was built nearby to stop infiltration of mujahedin coming in from China. Photo: Author (2017).
Mar 19, 2018

In early February 2018, US forces conducted airstrikes in Afghanistan’s north-eastern province of Badakhshan, supposedly targeting ‘support structures’ of the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ (ETIM), allegedly a group of Uyghur extremists hailing from China’s far west said to be focused on attacking the Chinese state.

Uyghur poet Tahir Hamut sheds a tear as he describes the mass incarceration of Chinese Muslims in a recent Wall Street Journal video.
Mar 15, 2018

In early March 2018 the influential Uyghur poet Tahir Hamut gave a series of readings in Seattle. Unlike in years past when Uyghur celebrities had come to the city, only a handful of Uyghurs—Turkic Muslims native to what has become Northwest China—came to hear Tahir speak.

In this Nov. 3, 2017, photo, residents walk through a security checkpoint into the Hotan Bazaar where a screen shows Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region. Image Credit: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan
Mar 12, 2018

China is not only reviving Mao-era social controls, but augmenting them through cutting-edge technology.

Mar 12, 2018

On February 1, 2018, China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) revealed a stunning 92.8 percent increase in its domestic security spending: from 30.05 billion RMB in 2016 to 57.95 billion RMB in 2017 (Xinjiang Net, 3 February). Within a decade, this figure has increased nearly ten-fold, up from 5.45 billion RMB in 2007.

Mar 9, 2018

China has detained close relatives of four U.S.-based reporters for RFA’s Uyghur service, in apparent retaliation for their coverage of the Xinjiang region. Human rights groups have condemned the detentions, and the Committee to Protect Journalists called them “a cruel, if not barbaric, tactic.”

Oghulnisa Ghoja'abdulla in an undated photo.
Mar 9, 2018

A Uyghur in Turkey says he recently learned that his sister was detained in a political re-education camp by authorities in Xinjiang.

Xi Jinping’s particular asset—and what may sustain his support—is the deferred dream of true solidarity that Mao Zedong promised nearly seventy years ago and that generations have held onto.Photograph by Bei Piao / AP
Mar 2, 2018

Last year, during several trips in which I travelled across China by train, two things in particular caught my attention.

Mar 1, 2018

It bet that China would head towards democracy and the market economy. The gamble has failed


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