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Feb 23, 2018

What a controversial skit tells us about racial and geopolitical narratives in China.

A skit celebrating China's relationship with Africa from the latest Chinese Spring Festival Gala show has come under fire for its insensitive depiction of an African woman. Image: CCTV Image: CCTV via YouTube
Feb 22, 2018

It has a problem with it, too

Feb 16, 2018

Looking across this sea of anxious faces, it’s easy to forget this is a holiday. Knotted brows frame weary eyes in a crowd as deep as a football field, all of them waiting to catch a train out of Beijing.

Feb 14, 2018

The massive police intakes orchestrated under Chen Quanguo’s governance illustrate that the state’s security strategy does not rely on technology alone.

Feb 14, 2018

Insights from Gerald Groot.

Square holes in the wall of a detention center are seen near the Thailand-Malaysia border in Hatyai, Thailand, November 20, 2017. Dailynews/ via REUTERS
Feb 13, 2018

Has Malaysia complied with the principle of non-refoulement. Would this be a good time to reflect on how official statements have measured up to legally binding principles?

May meets with Xi. (By Central News Agency)
Feb 9, 2018

As British PM Theresa May is lambasted for failing to mention human rights on a visit to Beijing, the case of Gui Minhai shows how western governments should react, but this type of response can’t just be for their own citizens

A police officer checks the identity card of a man as security forces keep watch in a street in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China, March 24, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Feb 6, 2018

In the aftermath of 9/11, the “War on Terror” has become a ubiquitous feature of the global landscape. We know of it in the West, we know of it in Russia, in Myanmar, the Central African Republic – in most places surrounding the Islamic world. Here, it is mostly a code word for suppression of Islam and of Muslim minorities.

Feb 2, 2018

FEB. 2, 2018


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