China's Cultural Cleansing: Rank Abuse of the Uyghur Minority

Oct 23, 2019

The U.S. State Department has categorized China's ongoing maltreatment of its Uyghur Muslim community as one of "the worst human rights [disasters] of modern times. " Millions of Chinese citizens are being subjected to a policy of fratricide by their fellow countrymen; due in large part because of their religious beliefs. As of 2018, the United Nations estimated that the Chinese authorities have detained hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, of Uyghurs who are kept in secretive internment camps the Chinese government calls “re-education camps”

China's government has reverted to calling Islam a mental illness and continues to process, build on top of, and raze the life and property of this ancient community.  Nury Turkel, a leading Uyghur activist was born in one of those horrific camps. He reveals on The Investigative Journal how he sought asylum in the United States and details the malice of the Chinese government who are also using the organs of political dissidents for profiteering, furthering China's cultural genocide. The government is tying the hope of the entire Uyghur community to the abandonment of their culture in China---championing the mandate of  Xinjiang’s Chinese Community Party