Human rights representative discusses ‘concentration camps’ of Uyghurs in China

by Alexandra Llorca
March 6, 2020

Mustafa Aksu, a representative from the Uyghur Human Rights Project, brought attention to what he calls “concentration camps” of Uyghurs in China during a talk on the University of Colorado Boulder campus Wednesday night.

Born and raised in Aksu Prefecture in in mid-western Xinjiang, China, Aksu speaks to audiences across the country on the issue, which he calls close to his heart and its devastating effect on his native people. According to Aksu, people tend to associate the term “concentration camp” with the Holocaust, yet they continue to exist today.

Uyghurs are the second largest, predominantly Muslim, minority group in China. Reports have gripped the world over the Chinese government’s alleged human rights abuse as it continues to force Uyghurs out of their homes and into labor camps. After the Holocaust, Jewish people banded together and formed the “Never Again” movement to alert the public about the horrors of concentration camps and prevent further persecution and torture of ethnic groups.