Exclusive: Documents show China's secret extradition request for Uighur in Turkey

Image credit: Axios/Aïda Amer.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
May 20, 2020

Axios has obtained a Chinese government request sent to the Turkish government for a Uighur man who fled Xinjiang amid worsening repression.

Why it matters: Uighurs living outside China have long suspected that Beijing is using its growing diplomatic and economic clout to pressure foreign governments into interrogating and deporting them.

  • These documents from 2016 and 2017 — together with Turkey's treatment of the man after that — provide rare proof this is happening.

"I spend most of my nights in fear. I usually don’t sleep until after 1am because I am afraid they will come for me and my family."

— Enver Turdi, in an interview with Axios

Details: Enver Turdi, the man named in the extradition request, has lived in Turkey since early 2014 when he fled Xinjiang, a region in northwest China that is home to around 10 million Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking ethnic minority.