Jewher Ilham: A Uyghur’s Fight To Free Her Father

Beverly Hallberg & Jewher Ilham

August 21, 2020

Jewher Illham joins to discuss the hard topic of the Chinese persecution against the Muslim Uyghur population. We expose the origins of the years-long victimization as well as the Uyghur’s fight against the oppressive Chinese government. Jewher also shares her personal story of fleeing China and her fight to free her father from prison. 

Jewher Ilham is the daughter of Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti, an internationally noted moderate voice who was dedicated to bridging the gap between the Uyghur people and the Han Chinese. She has testified on behalf of her father before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Committee on China, met with a number of government officials including former Secretary of State John Kerry, and received numerous awards worldwide on behalf of her father. She was the key speaker at 2019’s Ministerial to advance religious freedom hosted by Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, and she has also spoken to President Trump at White House about the Uyghurs. She recounted her experiences in her 2015 book: Jewher Ilham: A Uyghur’s Fight to Free Her Father.

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