Man seeks wife, son's release from China

Photo Source: Sadam Abudusalamu

Sophie Moore
Australian Associated Press
23 July 2019

An Australian man, whose wife and son are trapped in far western China, is pleading with the federal government to fast-track their return to Sydney.

Sadam Abudusadamu has resolved to ramp up pressure on the Morrison government to help bring his family home, travelling to Parliament House in Canberra to put his family's struggle in the spotlight.

His wife Nadila Wumaier and son Lutfy, who is an Australian citizen, are stuck in a region of China where more than one million Muslim Uighurs are being held in mass detention.

Joined by four other Uighur men, including one whose wife is imprisoned, and flanked by former footballer Craig Foster and Amnesty International campaigners, Mr Abudusadamu held his son's citizenship certificate aloft.

"I'm not going to cry anymore because I'm really past it," he told reporters on Wednesday.

Mr Abudusadamu is hoping to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne.

"I'm nearly there and I believe that; I'm always giving my wife hope, please don't give up, we're almost there," Mr Abudusadamu said.

"I'm just a simple dad. In August my son will turn two; I really want to celebrate his birthday with my wife, with my son. That's all I'm asking for."