Wearing pride: Centuries-old Chinese fashion is making a comeback

Two Hanfu Promoter - Taken during Chinese cultural Festival in Guangzhou [广汉会参加暨大中华文化节活动]. Wikipedia, Lennlin

Updated 12th October 2019
Written by Jessie Yeung
Lily Lee, CNN
Beijing, China

When Zhang Lingshan was a child, she would watch the Chinese period drama "Palace" on television, entranced by the characters' ancient clothing. The costumes were colorful and regal, long gowns embroidered with lotus flowers and dragons, topped with intricate headpieces.

She didn't know what these beautiful clothes were called -- only that they were from some distant past.

"When I saw it, I really liked it," she said. "They looked fairy-like, dreamy. I was completely drawn by the beauty of these clothes, and then eventually came to understand the culture of Hanfu, and I liked it more and more."