15 Years in Prison on Charge of 'Separatism': Tale of Another Uyghur Artiste Hursan Hassan

Hursan Hassan

By Rushan Abbas
Oct 19, 2020

'Millions of civil servants, writers and teachers were fired. Elites and artists were attacked, many intellectuals were labeled 'counter-revolutionaries', beaten or killed, others were sent to 'corrective labor camps'".

The above depiction is a snapshot of what happened in the 'Great Cultural Revolution' initiated by Mao, one of the dictators of recent history, in 1966. The nations that the Chinese Communist dictators occupied such as East Turkistan, Tibet, and Southern Mongolia suffered the greatest damage from the cultural revolution.

In particular, the devotion of these regions to their own language, religion, and traditions was deliberately destroyed by the so-called cultural revolution. Since those days, the persecution of the 'red guards' continues with other paramilitary forces and party policemen, and genocide against Uyghurs.

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