China has a long history of discrimination against the Uyghurs, but the world has a role to play

February 22, 2021 

The Xinjiang autonomous region in China is facing the worst kind of cultural and ethnic genocide by Beijing. There is a long history of dissonance between the indigenous ethnic Uyghurs and the Chinese authorities. The government refuses to categorise Uyghurs as an indigenous population and describes them instead as a regional minority. One among China's fifty-five ethnic minorities, Uyghurs are an ethnic Turkic group originating from central and eastern Asia.

China is facing worldwide condemnation over its harsh treatment of the Uyghur Muslims. The evidence is mounting up. A Uyghur-Kazakh citizen, Gulbahar Jelilova, has said that she was beaten ruthlessly and raped while in custody. Stew Chao, a journalist working with Al Jazeera, reported that Abduveli Ayup, a prominent Uyghur writer, activist and Uyghur language defender was put in a detention centre and tortured. Evidence also suggests that China is targeting Uyghur Muslims systematically with state-planned birth control.

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