Demonstration for the Rights of the Uighurs in China


Demonstration for the Rights of the Uighurs in China



Rond-Point Schuman, Rue de la Loi

"I personally invite you to participate in the demonstration the World Uighur Congress is organizing in the European district of Brussels. I will be very happy to meet you there."

Ms Rebiya Kadeer

On the occasion of the impending arrival of the Olympic Torch in East Turkestan, Chinese authorities are trying to use this event to conceal the widespread discontentment of Uyghurs with the totalitarian Chinese regime by creating a false atmosphere of “harmonious society” and to mislead the world community about continued, massive and systematic violations of human rights in East Turkestan. Therefore, the World Uyghur Congress is planning to hold a mass demonstration called the “Freedom Torch Relay” in front of the European Council in Brussels as a parallel event to the Olympic Torch Relay in East Turkestan on 25 June in order to raise awareness of human rights violations of Uyghurs.

Contact person for the trip to Brussels:

Aila Maimaitiming. GSM: 00 32 485082571; Email:

Background Information:

In front of the European Council and the European Commission buildings


Wednesday 25 June, 12 – 2 pm