A member of China’s most persecuted minority was arrested for no clear reason, and his family fears he’s going to be deported to China

Foto: Abudujilili Supi’s passport photo, as supplied by his brother Mijiti Yisake. Business Insider has redacted some of the personal information.sourceCourtesy of Mijiti Yisake; Business Insider

Alexandra Ma

A man belonging to China’s persecuted Muslim Uighur community was arrested for no apparent reason last week, an act which his family fears is down to his ethnicity and could see him deported to China and punished.

Abudujilili Supi, a Chinese citizen living and working in the United Arab Emirates, was arrested by four men outside his local mosque last Thursday, Supi’s brother Mijiti Yisake told Business Insider in a series of WhatsApp messages.

He says Supi’s captors – it is not clear whether they are police – told him he will be taken to China. Yisake fears that if his brother is deported to China, he will be imprisoned in a detention center or re-education camp.

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