Panellists convene to discuss human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China

by Nina Russell
Nov 17, 2020

McGill’s Muslim Law Students’ Association hosted a panel titled “What’s happening to China’s Uyghurs?” on Nov. 11 to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) imprisonment of the minority Muslim group in the Xinjiang province in northeastern China. The discussion featured Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Garnett Genius, who currently sits on the House of Commons Special Committee on Chinese-Canadian relations; McGill law professor Jérôme Beaugrand-Champagne; and Rukiye Turdush, president of the East Turkistan Information Centre. 

While historical tensions between the Han Chinese and Uyghur Muslims are deep-rooted, the CCP’s recent crackdown on Uyghurs began in 2009, when Uyghurs protested the murder of a migrant Uyghur worker. Although the CCP justified its oppression on the basis of Uyghurs being a perceived “security threat,” members of the international community have yet to define the measures—which include concentration and forced labour camps, forced sterilization, and the elimination of Uyghur cultural identity—as genocide. 

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