The Persecution of Uyghur Intellectual and Cultural Producers: Genocide Through Eliticide


February 11, 2022 | The Geopolitics | By Abdullah Qazanchi, Abduweli Ayup, Elise Anderson, and Henryk Szadziewski

Gulnisa Imin, a Uyghur literature teacher and talented writer, contributed extensively to modern Uyghur poetry within the Chinese state’s narrow limits of censorship. In 2016, inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” the beloved collection of folk tales from the Islamic Golden Age, she began writing and publishing one poem per night on social media platforms. She managed to write and publish nearly 400 poems to wide acclaim before her abrupt disappearance.

In 2017, Chinese authorities detained Ms. Gulnisa, and she joined hundreds of other arbitrarily detained Uyghur intellectual and cultural producers. On Dec. 6, Radio Free Asia Uyghur Service reported that she has been sentenced to 17 years, 6 months’ imprisonment on still-unknown charges.

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