Uighur activist says Chinese Government is trying to silence her

An Australian Uighur activist says the Chinese Government is attempting to silence her by sending her family members to detention centres in China.

Social worker Nurgul Sawut moved from China to Australia in 2001.

Since then she's become a strong voice in the Uighur diaspora, speaking out against China's forced detention of at least 1 million ethnic Muslims in the western province of Xinjiang.

Broadcast: Fri 30 Nov 2018, 5:23pm

In recent weeks she's been part of a campaign to ask world leaders at this weekend's G20 summit to pressure China to close the camps.

Now Ms Sawut says around 50 of her family members, including her mother, sister and brother, have been targeted and locked up in those Chinese detention centres, with threats they'll face further prison sentences unless she stops campaigning.

Duration: 7min 4sec

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Nurgul Sawut, social worker and Uighur campaigner