Xinjiang's oil and gas equivalent ranks number one in China

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10:34, January 08, 2008

According to China, the latest statistics from Xinjiang Oilfield Enterprises show that in 2007, Xinjiang produced 26.4 million tons of crude oil and 21.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas: ranking first in the nation for a total oil and gas equivalent of 43.3 million tons. It has become China's largest oil and gas producting area.

There is an estimated 20.8 billion tons of oil resources in Xinjiang, as well as 10.8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. Currently, in the Tarim, Junggar, and Turpan-Hami (Turpan and Hami) geological basins, there are confirmed oil reserves of 3.8 billion tons, and natural gas reserves of 1.3 trillion cubic meters. In recent years, the exploration of oil and gas resources in Xinjiang has accelerated, crude oil output from the three major basins in Xinjiang grew from 7 million tons in 1990 to 20 million tons, and natural gas production soared from 500 million cubic meters to more than 200 billion cubic meters.

By People's Daily Online