Sep 30, 2005

A senior Chinese official calls for stepped-up efforts against separatism in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, now marking 50 years under Chinese rule. But a leading Uyghur dissident says any increased dissent reflects widespread dissatisfaction among Uyghur people there.

Sep 29, 2005

China has told police in Xinjiang, in the country's remote northwest, to "prepare for danger" ahead of its 50th anniversary as an autonomous region after accusing a dissident of plotting to sabotage the festivities.

Sep 27, 2005

Though initially slow to develop, Sino-Saudi relations today are multifaceted expanding both in scale and in scope.

Sep 27, 2005

A group of over 50 Chinese scholars and cultural workers left Korla City Tuesday for Lop Nur, known as the "Sea of Death" in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to investigate historical sites in the region.

Sep 26, 2005

Local Muslim Abdu Raheman has confirmed to Forum 18 News Service that the government of the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of China's north-western Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region banned the Sala movement – a local Sufi Muslim order - in August and that an unknown number of its followers have been arrested.

Sep 24, 2005

Zhu Xiangmin sighed with a relief as the second phase of the current water infusion for the Tarim, China's longest inland river, has since late August gone smoothly.

Sep 22, 2005

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is becoming a bridgehead for promoting trade ties with the neighboring countries in Central Asia, according to a top regional official.

Sep 21, 2005

Schoolchildren in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region are routinely pressed by army-backed production brigades into backbreaking, unpaid labor to help with the yearly cotton harvest, residents and officials say.

Sep 20, 2005

Kyrgyzstan bans "extremism" with prodding from Beijing

Sep 20, 2005

The foundation will be laid within this year for a border free trade zone between China and Kazakhstan at port Korgas in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


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