Uighurs testify on persecution in China

News Editor
November 04, 2019

Composed of personal testimonies from three Uighur women, an Oct. 26 event hosted by UR College Republicans gave students a look at the Uighur human rights crisis in Xinjiang, China.

“I ask that every single one of you, in your own capacity, come to the aid of the Uighurs,” said Zubayra Shamseden, Chinese Outreach Coordinator for the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP).
“For far too long, Chinese government oppression has gone unimpeded. The time for justice is long overdue.”

The Uighurs (sometimes spelled “Uyghurs”) are an ethnic minority group native to Xinjiang (or East Turkestan), in the northwestern portion of China. Shamseden said that three million of the 12 million Uighur inhabitants are currently in concentration camps, and that the Uighur people as a whole are experiencing what she calls a “cultural genocide” and an “attack on religion.”