Uyghurs starving as China imposes draconian coronavirus measures

People gather to stage a demonstration in support of Uyghur Turks against human rights violations of China, at Orhangazi Park in Bursa, Turkey on December 20, 2019 [Ali Atmaca / Anadolu Agency]

February 27, 2020 at 2:20 pm 

Activists in Xinjiang have complained that they are suffering shortages of food and medicine as China imposes a quarantine to curb the spread of coronavirus, reports the New Arab.

The Washington-based Uyghur Human Rights Project has said that residents inside Xinjiang province, East Turkestan, have been ordered to stay inside their homes and that they are starving because they don’t have access to adequate food and supplies.

Last week a video circulated by activists of an Uyghur man saying “I am hungry and my kids are hungry. Do you want me to kill myself?” went viral.

The Uyghur Project has also expressed concern that coronavirus could spread inside the so-called “re-education detention camps” where some 1.8 million people are held on spurious terror-related charges.

Detainees report horrific abuse inside, including rape and sterilisation.