China’s Barbarity Toward Uyghur Families Should Shock Our Consciousness and Spur Action

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October 22, 2020 | The Diplomat | By Omer Kanat

“You don’t know how he died; you don’t know when he died. And you can’t even kiss him for one last time.”

These are the words of Uyghur poet Fatimah Abdulghafur. Fatimah lives in Australia. In September 2020 she learned of the death of her father Ghopur Hapiz, almost two years after he had passed. Her father was most likely detained in an internment camp in March 2017; however, Fatimah is unsure of the exact details. She last spoke to her father in April 2016. Since then and until September, the Chinese government had not revealed any details about his whereabouts or condition; not when he was interned, not when he probably received a 10-year prison sentence for his travel overseas, and not even when he died.

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