China’s repression on Uyghurs spreads beyond its borders: Report

ANI News India

November 11, 2021

China’s crackdown on Uyghurs has spread beyond Its borders, a new report from a rights group revealed, adding that Chinese agents have tracked, harassed and threatened members of the minority community In 22 nations. The data has been reported in a report ‘titled ‘Your Family Will Suffer”: How China is Hacking, Swiveling, and Intimidating Uyghurs In Liberal Democracies.

Under the report, UHRP and Oxus Society surveyed 72 Uyghurs living In diaspora communities In North America, the Asia Pacific, and Europe, 74 per cent of whom noted that they have experienced digital risks, threats, or forms of online harassment, Uyghur Human Rights Project Informed.

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