Chinese govt aggressively promoting ‘assimilation’ by forced Uyghur Muslim-Han intermarriages, taking coercive actions against opponents


November 19, 2022

According to the report by Uyghur Human Rights Project, “The Chinese Party-State is actively involved in carrying out a campaign of forcefully assimilating Uyghurs into Han Chinese society by means of mixed marriages.”

On 16th November 2022, Uyghur Human Rights Project published a report on the measures taken by the Chinese government to promote intermarriage between Uyghur Muslims and Han Chinese ethnic groups. The means employed by the Chinese government consist of both incentivization and coercive actions underlines the report.

It is notable that Uyghur Muslims are an ethnic minority living in the Xinjiang region of China while Han Chinese is the primary ethnicity in the country. The Uyghur Human Rights Project examined Chinese state media, policy documents, testimonies of government-approved marriages, as well as accounts from women in the Uyghur community, and discovered that since 2014, the government has increased incentives and coercion to encourage interethnic marriages.

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