Measuring the Scale of Chinese Transnational Repression

The Diplomat

July 14, 2021

Chinese repression in the last quarter-century has gone global. In a new report from the Uyghur Human Rights Project and the Oxus Society for Central Asian Affairs — “No Space Left to Run: China’s Transnational Repression of Uyghurs” —  Bradley Jardine, Edward Lemon, and Natalie Hall catalogue Beijing’s efforts to see Uyghurs detained abroad and deported back to Chinese custody. From 1997 to March 2021, they found 1,546 cases of the detention and deportation of Uyghurs across 28 countries at the behest of Chinese authorities.

Speaking with The Diplomat, one of the report’s authors, Natalie Hall, explained the extent of Chinese transnational repression and Beijing’s abuse of both domestic and international justice systems. Hall, a research assistant at the Oxus Society, also puts Chinese efforts into the context of “global authoritarianism.”

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