Parliament poised to vote on asylum for Uyghurs fleeing China

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Febuary 1, 2023

A new Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) report titled, On The Fringe of Society: Humanitarian Needs of the At-Risk Uyghur Diaspora, describes what it calls a developing humanitarian crisis among those in self-imposed exile in states such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. All these countries are reliant on Chinese foreign investment.

The UHRP report said China routinely refuses to renew the passports of Uyghurs living abroad, rendering them “without valid identity papers of any kind, and therefore unable to travel,” a state that exposes them to the threat of arrest and deportation. The government of Turkey last year began denying applications for citizenship to some Uyghurs based on “risks to national security” or “social order,” it said.

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