Sharing Xinjiang At Dolan Uyghur Restaurant In Chantilly

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December 22, 2021

he finest item that emerges from the kitchen at Dolan Uyghur Restaurant in Chantilly is the Uyghur polo. Known around Central Asia by many slightly different monikers (plov, pulao, and, as it’s written on the menu here, polow are just a few), the rice dish is as omnipresent as laghman in Xinjiang restaurants. I’ve plowed through plates of it with gusto, from food courts to a tiny village in the brick-hued Flaming Mountains, at the edge of the Taklamakan desert.

The short-grain rice is cooked in a meaty broth, imbuing every bite with a rich, glancingly sweet flavor. Don’t consider it sticky rice, exactly, though it does have a satisfying dose of glutinous adhesion. Think of it instead as an al dente collection of grains that’s spotted with tender chunks of meat (beef, in this case, though lamb is more typical), carrots, and raisins. The last of those is especially important.

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