Uyghur Muslims ‘Systematically Exterminated,’ Head of China Select Committee Says

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March 22, 2023 | The Daily Signal | By Samantha Aschieris

“There is a … deliberate plan to destroy the family, humiliate the women and girls, sterilize them by force, right, to prevent any family formation,” Louisa Greve, director of global advocacy at the Uyghur Human Rights Project, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “And that alone should make every single women’s rights group, feminist group, and family values group stand up with one voice.”

“This [Chinese] government is a monster that’s been invited into the international trade system in a way that really … should cause revulsion in every decent person’s heart, and that’s the way [the Uyghur Human Rights Project] feels,” Greve said.

Greve also emphasized that the genocide in Xinjiang is ongoing.

“As I mentioned, … once somebody is forcibly sterilized, once families are broken up, once the government that has made a policy [that] every working-age adult must be in the government-assigned place of work, you’ve accomplished your goals,” Greve said.

“They [Uyghurs] don’t have to be in a torture camp to be under government control, and the government has achieved its goal of getting away with wiping [them] out with strategic cultural cleansing and control of the individuals, control of taking children away, and breaking up marriages and the families,” she said.

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