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A teacher is teaching Chinese in a primary school in Xinjiang.
Sep 10, 2019

Accounts by four teachers who witness daily CCP’s destruction of Uyghur culture and language, psychologically torturing Uyghur youth in the process.

Sep 9, 2019

A Listening Post special on media coverage of Xinjiang, both inside China and beyond.

Muyeser (L) and Arslan (R) in an undated photo.  Photo courtesy of Muyeser
Sep 9, 2019

Arslan taught Mandarin Chinese to Uyghur students at a primary school in Ghulja.

Taiwanese expatriates and others march in New York City on Saturday during the annual UN For Taiwan/Keep Taiwan Free rally.Sep 09, 2019 FULL STORY Photo: CNA
Sep 9, 2019

This year’s rally voiced support for the democracy activists in Hong Kong, while Hong Kongers as well as Uighurs showed their support for Taiwan

Security cameras at a Tashkent train station (Eurasianet)
Sep 9, 2019

China is exporting its model of invasive, all-encompassing surveillance to Central Asia, often for free.

Uyghurs in Washington DC are throwing their support behind the Hong Kong protests. Sep 02, 2019. Photo RFA
Sep 9, 2019

On a sunny street in the heart of Melbourne, a Uyghur woman wearing a hijab converses with a Vietnamese man dressed in bright red-and-yellow-striped bandana.

Sep 9, 2019

Fears are mounting that the Chinese authorities will imminently carry out the execution of Tashpolat Tiyip, a prominent Uyghur academic who was convicted in a secret and grossly unfair trial.

Sep 9, 2019

The absence of rule of law is at the root of a range of human rights violations in the People's Republic of China, from the western regions to Hong Kong. Rather than tackling these concerns in isolation, the international community should rethink both the narratives they use and the assistance they offer.

Uyghurs march in Brussels to call for an end to mass detentions of Uyghurs in China, April 27, 2018. Photo: RFA
Sep 9, 2019

In late July, Chinese government outlets announced that a large number of detainees of the “reeducation centers” in its northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region had been released and that 90 percent of them had successfully found employment.

A photo posted to the WeChat account of the Xinjiang Judicial Administration shows Uyghur detainees listening to a 'de-radicalization' speech at a re-education camp in Hotan prefecture's Lop county, April 2017.  Wikipedia
Sep 9, 2019

Islamic countries have rightly stood with Muslims everywhere from Rohingyas to those in Yemen, Palestine and Syria. What is taking so long for them to stand up with those detained in Xinjiang too?


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