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A surveillance camera was installed outside Ian Lahiffe's front door the morning after he returned to Beijing. Photo: CNN
Apr 28, 2020

The morning after Ian Lahiffe returned to Beijing, he found a surveillance camera being mounted on the wall outside his apartment door. Its lens was pointing right at him.

Mr. Idris’ mother, Ms. Hebibehan Hajim
Apr 28, 2020

Abdulhakim Idris is a human rights activist and the husband of the well-known advocate for Uyghurs’ rights, Rushan Abbas. He does not know where his mother is.

Apr 28, 2020

Finds Both Progress and Backsliding in Religious Freedom Conditions

A screenshot of a video posted to Twitter by Emrati Princess Hend Faisal Al Qassimi expressing solidarity with Uyghurs, April 26, 2020.   RFA/Twitter
Apr 27, 2020

The royal says she wants to publicize the issue and help make a difference.

Uighur journalist Shohret Hoshur
Apr 27, 2020

Some of the most crucial reporting on Uighur Muslims comes from the U.S. government-funded Radio Free Asia channel in D.C.

A demolished mosque is seen in Kashgar city, in China's northwest Xinjiang province. (Photo courtesy of Bahram Sintash)
Apr 27, 2020

It’s a portrait of contrasts in the age of pandemic. In the United States, small but passionate protests have broken out in recent weeks as some workers and worshipers chafe at being quarantined -- even as most federal and state governments caution against full and abrupt re-openings.

Apr 27, 2020

The U.N. human rights office voiced concern on Monday about more than a dozen countries that have declared states of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic where police have arrested or detained hundreds of thousands of people and killed others.

Kazakh writer Nagyz Muhammed
Apr 27, 2020

Kazakh writer Nagyz Muhammed was arrested in March 2018 in Xinjiang, China, after his last visit to Kazakhstan.

Twitter user @Alfred_Uyghur’s April 20 post in the #HearUyghurs campaign.
Apr 27, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, overseas Uyghurs remain concerned about the situation in Xinjiang.

Kashgar Normal College distributes bottles of water and free food to Muslim students in an apparent bid to discourage them from fasting during Ramadan, July 8, 2014.  Photo courtesy of an RFA listener.
Apr 24, 2020

They urge remembrance of Muslims in China who are forbidden from practicing their religion.


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