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Apr 5, 2006

A political dissident from China who is now a Canadian citizen has been arrested in the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan and could face extradition to China, his wife said.

Apr 4, 2006

Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang are relocating hundreds of ethnic minority farming families along the dwindling Tarim River. These Uyghur families blame major Han Chinese farming and industrial complexes for exhausting upstream waters.

Mar 26, 2006

The Bush administration is asking the Supreme Court to refuse to hear an unusual petition brought by two Muslims from China who are being held at Guantanamo Bay despite the American military's determination that the pair pose no threat to America.

Mar 23, 2006

Panel to Decide Whether It Has Jurisdiction Over Bids for Freedom

Mar 23, 2006

The Uyghur American Association is pleased to announce it will receive a substantial increase in funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for UAA's Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) for the next fiscal year.

Mar 22, 2006

A program about detains in Guantanamo including Uyghur from This American Life.

Mar 9, 2006

JURIST Special Guest Columnist P. Sabin Willett, a partner at Bingham McCutchen, LLP, working pro bono with a team of Bingham lawyers in the Guantanamo habeas litigation, says that the detention of a Chinese Uighur is just one proof that the general, officially-articulated proposition that Guantanamo holds terrorists is a lie...

Mar 8, 2006

China increased its censorship of the Internet and of media critics last year and harassment and detention of those challenging the authorities grew, the United States said on Wednesday.

Mar 7, 2006

In transcripts, prisoners tell tribunals of possible torture, death

Mar 1, 2006

Arrests, Closures, Crackdowns Continue


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