52 Uyghur Groups Urge Heads of State to Condemn Uyghur Genocide during Xi Jinping visit to Saudi Arabia


December 8, 2022

A group of 52 Uyghur organizations from 20 countries is urging heads of states and leaders of international organizations that are meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Saudi Arabia to condemn the Chinese government’s atrocity crimes against the Uyghurs, and call for an end to the ongoing genocide. On the same occasion, the WUC urges the Saudi authorities to release the four Uyghurs detained in Saudi Arabia for nearly a year. Their extradition to China would be in violation of the principle of non-refoulement.

Xi Jinping is currently on a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, which also includes several summits, including the “Saudi-China”, “Golf-China” and “Arab-China” summits, bringing together more than 30 heads of states and leaders of international organisations.

“Those who are meeting Xi Jinping in Saudi Arabia should be aware that they are meeting with the leader of a regime responsible for a genocide against Uyghur muslims”, WUC President, Dolkun Isa, stated. “Especially those heads of muslim-majority states must urgently break their silence on the Uyghur genocide. It is their religious responsibility to protect Islamic values.”

On various occasions, Uyghur organizations have expressed their great disappointment over the silence of muslim-majority countries on the Uyghur genocide, which has involved the arbitrary detainment of millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps, where they are forced to renounce their religious beliefs and practices. Furthermore, thousands of mosques, shrines, graveyards and other sites of religious significance in East Turkistan have been destroyed or damaged. Furthermore, several religious practices have been forbidden in East Turkistan. For example, Uyghurs cannot give Islamic names to their children, fast during Ramadan, and have been forced to eat pork and drink alcohol.

In October, at the UN Human Rights Council, many muslim-majority countries voted against or abstained on a resolution that sought to debate the assessment of the Office of the High Representative for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the situation in East Turkistan. The failure of these countries to allow a space for debate at the Human Rights Council, a body which was created to do exactly that, contradicts the core values and principles of Islam.

As Xi Jinping visits Saudi Arabia, our organizations are reminding the leaders of the global Ummah of their existing duty to protect other Muslims and thus to address and condemn the ongoing genocide of the Uyghur people. Failing to do so would be an egregious betrayal of the shared Islamic values of the global Ummah. The WUC calls on world leaders to urge Saudi authorities not to repatriate the four Uyghurs back to China.


  1. Australian Uyghur Association
  2. Alberta Uyghur Association
  3. Austria Uyghur Association
  4. Belgium Uyghur Association
  5. Campaign for Uyghurs
  6. Center for Uyghur Studies
  7. Dutch Uyghur Human Rights Foundation
  8. Darul Iman Association
  9. East Turkistan Association of Canada
  10. East Turkistan Federation
  11. East Turkistan Science and Enlightenment Foundation
  12. Eastern Turkistan Foundation
  13. East Turkistan People’s Unity Association
  14. East Turkestan Media and Publishing Service Association
  15. East Turkistan Union in Europe
  16. East Turkestan Union of Muslim Scholars
  17. Finnish Uyghur Culture Center
  18. Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Science and lore Foundation
  19. Ili Mashrap Foundation
  20. Institute of China Studies
  21. International Pen Uyghur Center
  22. Isa Yusup Alptekin Foundation
  23. Japan Uyghur Association
  24. Justice 4 Uyghurs
  25. Knowledge and Service Solidarity and Cooperation Association
  26. Norwegian Uyghur Committee
  27. Sweden Uyghur Union
  28. Swiss Uyghur Association
  29. Taklamakan Uyghur Publish House
  30. Uighur Society “Ittipak” of the Kyrgyz Republic
  31. Uyghur Academy Australia
  32. Uyghur Academy Canada
  33. Uyghur Academy Europe
  34. Uyghur Academy Foundation
  35. Uyghur Academy Japan
  36. Uyghur Academy USA
  37. Uyghur Center for Human Rights and Democracy
  38. Uyghur Cultural and Education Union in Germany
  39. Uyghur Human Rights Project
  40. Uyghur PEN Center
  41. Uyghur Projects Foundation
  42. Uyghur Rights Advocacy Project
  43. Uyghur Refugee Relief Fund
  44. Uyghur Research Institute
  45. Uyghur Science and Civilization Research Foundation
  46. Uyghur Science and Education Foundation
  47. Uyghur Transitional Justice Database
  48. Uyghur U.K. Association
  49. Uyghur Youth Union in Kazakhstan
  50. Victoria Uyghur Association
  51. World Uyghur Congress Foundation
  52. World Uyghur Congress