Uighur Children Caught Up in China Security Crackdown

A woman and child walk past a building in Xinjiang

Thu 19 Jul 2018

China has been separating families on a far larger scale as part of a crackdown against ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang. We speak to Omer Kanat from the World Uighur Congress. We have a report from Russia on apollution scandal that has engulfed the city of Chelyabinsk in the country's Ural region.

Also in the programme, the British fashion label Burberry has acknowledged setting fire to more than $37m of unwanted products this year. Fashion journalist Karen Kay tells us about the dismay expressed by many consumers and environmentalists.

The White House has considered a proposal raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin to interrogate Americans in exchange for assistance in the US investigation into election interference. We have an interview with American-born financier who successfully lobbied the US government to impose new sanctions on Moscow and was one of those who could have been "interviewed".

Phil Mercer gives us a business news update from Sydney. Plus, executive coach Julie Cohen gives us her take on the latest Fortune magazine list of the most influential business people under the age of 40.

Our guests are Emily Feng of the Financial Times in Beijing and Linette Lopez, senior finance correspondent at Business Insider in New York.