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Letters to the editor
February 25, 2021

A selection of correspondence

Uighur Muslims and My Black Struggle
February 24, 2021
Naba’a Muhammad

As someone others have tried to label not a “true Muslim, ” it’s amazing how deeply I feel the struggle of Muslims around the world and, in particular, genocide against Uighur Muslims in China and among Rohingya Muslims driven out of Myanmar.

Religious Identity's Role in Immigration
February 23, 2021
Uyghurs demonstrate in Washington DC on Oct 1, 2020. Photo: UAA

Nury Turkel, a Uyghur Muslim who serves on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, reports how religious persecution drives migration around the world. He also explains how immigrants and refugees can become advocates for democracy and human rights back home.

Updating Uyghur: The power of online discussions for language preservation
February 22, 2021
By Filip Noubel

Can a language survive by taking refuge in uncensored digital space?

Support Hursen Hesen, Another Persecuted Uyghur Intellectual
February 22, 2021
Sentenced to 15 years: Hursen Hesen (from Twitter).
By Marco Respinti

A filmmaker and actor from Xinjiang committed two capital sins: he was successful, and maintained his Uyghur identity. He has been sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Who are the Uighurs and why is China being accused of genocide?
February 22, 2021
By Frank Chung

China calls them “re-education camps” – but what really goes on behind the barbed wire has been revealed, and human rights experts are appalled.

Muslim Voices Podcast: China's Uyghur Muslim Genocide
February 18, 2021

Arsalan Iftikhar of the Muslim Voices Podcast speaks with Nury Turkel, Uyghur American attorney and human rights activist, about China's Uyghur Muslim genocide.

Foreign Affairs Symposium announces spring 2021 lineup
February 16, 2021
The speakers for this year's Foreign Affairs Symposium events are (top row, from left) Radhya Al-Mutawakel, Amy Goodman, Noname, Angela Davis, and experts who will speak on a panel about the global response to the Uyghur Crisis (bottom row, from left): Rushan Abbas, Nury Turkel, and Louisa Greve.

Speaker series will feature a lineup of artists, activists, and journalists in its 24th year

Are the Uyghurs Safe in Turkey?
February 13, 2021
Uyghurs demonstrate in Istanbul on Feb 11, 2021
By Nicholas Muller

Many in the Uyghur diaspora feel they have a target on their back.

China is using forced confession playbook for Uyghur propaganda videos
February 11, 2021

China is using the techniques of its now famous televised forced confessions to refute widespread global claims that it is persecuting Uyghurs in Xinjian