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Indonesia urged to bring Uighur rights issue to OIC
January 22, 2019
the president of the Uighur American Association Ilshat Hassan Kokbore

According to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, at least 2 million Muslim Uighurs and other minorities in China’s Xinjiang region have been forced into “political camps for

Uyghurs' Deep Gratitude for Indonesian Voices of Conscience
January 21, 2019

Indonesia has earned the deep gratitude of Uyghurs around the world. I add my heartfelt thanks for the compassion that Indonesians have shown for the suffering of my people.

US Lawmakers Reintroduce Legislation to Sanction China Over Abuse of Uyghurs in XUAR
January 18, 2019
A photo posted to the WeChat account of the Xinjiang Judicial Administration shows Uyghur detainees listening to a speech at a re-education camp in Hotan prefecture's Lop county, April 2017.

The act would dedicate new resources to documenting the crackdown and protecting US citizens against Chinese harassment.

China, Model of the Modern Digital Dictatorship
January 16, 2019
(image: shutterstock.com)

Western governments’ suspicions of Huawei Technologies have been heating up, with Poland arresting the firm’s sales director on a charge of espionage last week. Weijing Wang was summarily fired from his job—a contrast with the shrill protestations from Beijing last month upon the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Canada.

Uyghurs’ heartfelt message to the Malaysian people
January 14, 2019

 In October 2018, Malaysia released 11 Uyghur refugees to Turkey, after dropping immigration-related charges. This welcome decision marked the end of an arduous journey to freedom for the men. It also demonstrated Malaysia’s leadership in standing up for the rule of law, in the face of interference from China, which pressed strongly to have the men returned.

Pro-Uighur protests in Indonesia shadowed by ominous domestic politics
January 11, 2019
Indonesian protestors hold up a banner during a rally in front of the Chinese embassy in Jakarta, Dec. 21, 2018 .  Rina Chadijah/BenarNews

In mid-December, hundreds in this majority-Muslim country rallied outside the Chinese Embassy here to protest China’s treatment of its Muslim minority Uighurs. Similar rallies took place in Bandung, Aceh and Surakarta the same day, all calling on the Indonesian government and President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to speak up on behalf of Uighur religious and human rights.

China Plans to 'Sinicize' Islam as Muslims Warn of Eradication Campaign
January 8, 2019
The China Islamic Association holds a seminar on "The Orientation of Islam in China 2018-2022," Jan. 5, 2019.  Moosely Online

The government-backed Islamic Association says the religion must be compatible with President Xi Jinping's political thought.

Is China Preparing for Foreign Inspections of Camps in East Turkestan?
December 27, 2018
A photo posted to the WeChat account of the Xinjiang Judicial Administration shows Uyghur detainees listening to a 'de-radicalization' speech at a re-education camp in Hotan prefecture's Lop county, April 2017.  Wikipedia

The Chinese government seems to have been caught off-guard by the outpouring of criticism of its massive campaign of repression of Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities.

Huawei exposed: How the world's biggest telecom company works with the Chinese regime
December 25, 2018

‘Huawei Exposed’: The Epoch Times Hosts Panel Discussion

Amnesty chapter speakers discuss plight of Uyghurs
December 19, 2018
Nicole Morgret,  spoke about the oppression of Uyghurs Dec. 10 at the Amnesty International Cape May Chapter event at the Ocean City Free Public Library.  Kristen Kelleher/SENTINEL

Two speakers at an Amnesty International Cape May Chapter event, an organization whose members campaign against human rights abuses, described how more than one million Uyghurs are in detention camps.