UHRP in the News

China presses Thailand to return Uighur refugees
April 3, 2014
A suspected Uighur from China’s troubled far-western region of Xinjiang, weeps as he speaks with a translator after being detained at the immigration regional headquarters near the Thailand-Malaysia border in Hat Yai, Songkla March 14, 2014. About 200 people rescued by police from a human smuggling camp in southern Thailand on Wednesday are suspected Uighur Muslims from China’s troubled far-western region of Xinjiang, say Thai police.

A group of mainly Muslim refugees from western China has become the focus of an international tug-of-war in Thailand as Beijing flexes its diplomatic muscle and western powers warn Bangkok not to send them home.

Uygur groups condemn charge against academic Ilham Tohti
February 26, 2014
An Uygur boy holds a placard with a photo of Ilham Tohti that reads 'Freedom to Ilham Tohti' during a demonstration. Photo: AP

Ilham Tohti charged with separatism, which can carry the death penalty

Uyghur rights and China
January 15, 2014
Ethnic Uighur women grieve for their men, 7 July 2009, who they believe were taken away by the Chinese authorities following bloody clashes in Urumqi two days previously

The situation of the Uyghur minority in north-west China became even more precarious in 2013, says Henryk Szadziewski.

Beijing Hits Out Amid Criticism on Human Rights
December 11, 2013
A dozen petitioners facing repatriation exit a van outside a government complex in Beijing, Dec. 9, 2013.

Thousands of ordinary Chinese who try to speak out about rights abuses are detained in the capital.

Only ‘loyal’ Uyghurs will get degrees, says government
December 4, 2013

China has stepped up pressure on ethnic minority students and lecturers in the restive northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, insisting that students must pass a test of political views and declare their allegiance to the Chinese state in order to graduate.

UNPO Members Attend Sixth Session Of The Forum On Minority Issues
December 4, 2013

Nine UNPO Members attended the Forum where they discussed the religious challenges facing minorities worldwide.

Witnesses of Xinjiang Police Station Shootings Tell Another Story
December 4, 2013

An alternative account of the recent incident that left several Uyghurs dead says that Chinese police armed and barricaded themselves inside the police station, while locking Uyghur auxiliary police outside, then shot into the group of protesters from upper windows.

Who Is Fighting China's War On Terror?
December 4, 2013

China steps up its international counterterrorism efforts with the help of two unlikely allies: Pakistan and the U.S.

Audio recording attributes Tiananmen crash to Uyghur armed group
November 24, 2013
Police officers fence off the scene of a car accident in front of Tiananmen Gate at Tiananmen Square on Oct. 28, 2013 in Beijing, China.Getty Images

But Uyghur experts question whether the Turkistan Islamic Party even exists

China and the Uyghurs
November 19, 2013
Alim Seytoff is speaking at a meeting on May 29, 2013.

An Uyghur leader talks about last month’s incident in Tiananmen Square and the plight of his people.