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The chilling reality of China's cyberwar on free speech
March 25, 2015
Liu Ping, left, Ilham Tohti. center, and Su Changlan, right have all been detained or jailed for expressing their views online, according to Amnesty International.

The Chinese government has declared the Internet to be the new battlefield in its fight against "pornography and unlawful information."

Tug-of-war between China, Turkey over suspected Uighurs in Thailand
March 25, 2015

A group of suspected Uighur Muslims has become the focus of a diplomatic tug-of-war in Thailand between China and Turkey, with both countries wanting to repatriate them and hundreds of other suspected Uighurs detained in Thailand as illegal immigrants.

Thailand to decide if Uighur family can go to Turkey
March 24, 2015

Official at Turkish embassy in Bangkok confirms to Anadolu Agency that family - in custody since last year - are now Turkish citizens.

Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd: The Absurd Resilience of Compassion
March 24, 2015
Abu Bakker from ‘Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd’

Filmmaker Patricio Henriquez constructs a crushing yet compassionate documentary on an oppression faced by an already persecuted and globally neglected community

China executes three over Kunming station attack
March 24, 2015
Three men were condemned to death in September; a woman was jailed for life

Three men convicted of involvement in the Kunming knife attack have been executed, a court in China says.

Veils may become symbols of resistance for Uygurs in China's Xinjiang
March 24, 2015
Uyghur woman wearing veil,Xinjiang,China

Government move to ban wearing of face coverings may trigger a backlash in Xinjiang

Indonesia tries 4 Chinese Uighurs charged in terrorism case
March 24, 2015
Alleged members of China's ethnic Uighur minority, from left to right, Abdulbasit Tuzer, Abdullah alias Altinci Bayyram, and Ahmet Mahmud sit on the defendant's chairs during the start of their trial hearing at North Jakarta District Court in Jakarta, Indonesia,  Monday, March 23, 2015. An Indonesian court has opened the trial of four alleged members, including them,  charged with involvement in terrorism activities and using fake passports. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)

Four Chinese Uighurs went on trial Monday in Indonesia on charges they engaged in an "evil conspiracy" with Indonesian terrorists including a fugitive militant alleged to be behind murders of police.

Police Raids Yield No Clues About Kidnapped Uyghur Village Police Chief
March 23, 2015

A group of Uyghurs snatched him from his home two weeks ago.

Legitimizing Repression: China’s “War on Terror” Under Xi Jinping and State Policy in East Turkestan
Mar 3, 2015

New report from the Uyghur Human Rights Project analyses political violence from 2013-14

Uyghur Political Prisoners – A Call for Action
Oct 15, 2014

UHRP organizes a PETITION on behalf of Uyghurs in jail for political reasons

Trapped in a Virtual Cage: Chinese State Repression of Uyghurs Online
Jun 16, 2014

A new report from the Uyghur Human Rights Project details the Chinese government’s severe restrictions placed on Uyghur Internet users.