A new report presents evidence of the complete or partial destruction of over 100 mosques by the Chinese government. Researcher Bahram Sintash and the Uyghur Human Rights Project cross-reference satellite imagery, photographs, and witness testimony to document the Chinese government’s campaign to wipe out the physical sites of Uyghur Islamic practice.

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Qaraqash List ‘Debunks’ China’s Claims of Combating Extremism in Xinjiang: Uyghur Whistleblower
February 19, 2020

Asiye Abdulahad says the document shows normal religious practices are landing Uyghurs in detention.

Uighur persecution: German politicians condemn China's 'modern slave exploitation machine'
February 19, 2020
A satellite image of the second of four camps mentioned in the leaked list from Karakax

DW and its media partners have revealed Beijing's arbitrary persecution of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang. Human rights defenders and politicians are now calling for Germany and Europe to take a harder line toward China.

Advocates say coronavirus spread would be ‘catastrophic’ for detainees of Chinese internment camps
February 19, 2020
Detainees listening to speeches in a re-education camp in Lop County, Xinjiang, April 2017

Advocates are urging the federal government to take action amid concern the spread of the coronavirus would have devastating consequences for the 3 million Uyghur Muslims and other minority groups detained in Chinese internment camps. 

China’s Biosecurity State in Xinjiang Is Powered by Western Tech
February 19, 2020
Sean Patterson, quality management section DNA analyst, checks expiration dates on reagents in the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System – Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory. AFDIL recently underwent a quality assessment where they received zero findings of nonconformance for the first time. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nicole Leidholm)

Documents show sale of crucial equipment from U.S. biotech firm.

New Xinjiang leaks detail China’s massive detention system targeting Uyghurs
February 19, 2020
Uyghurs march in Brussels to call for an end to mass detentions of Uyghurs in China, April 27, 2018. Photo: RFA

A third document giving details of China’s system of detention and re-education centers in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region reveals why some 300 Muslim Uyghurs and some 2,000 members of their direct family were locked up in centres to undergo forced re-education. The document gives an increasingly sharp picture of China’s policy towards its Muslim minority.

New data on China's detention of Uighurs: 'They could charge you for anything'
February 19, 2020

Around 1 million Uighurs have been forcibly detained by the Chinese government in a widespread network of prisonlike facilities. Chinese authorities call the detention camps "vocational training centers" and say their detention efforts are aimed at combating terrorism and extremism, but the evident repression of Uighurs has been condemned internationally.  

China locks up Muslims in Xinjiang for their religion, not extremism, leaked data shows
February 19, 2020

Detainees chosen for reasons such as ‘heavy’ religious atmosphere, visiting people ‘without reason’, having a passport or beard, or birth in a certain decade

China detains Uighurs for growing beards or visiting foreign websites, leak reveals
February 18, 2020

Database known as the ‘Karakax list’ shows people sent to internment camps for reasons such as ‘minor religious infection’

2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy
February 18, 2020

On the heels of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s main annual session, the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy assembles each year hundreds of courageous dissidents and human rights victims, activists, diplomats, journalists and student leaders to shine a spotlight on urgent human rights situations that require global attention.

Leak from Xinjiang shows some Uyghurs are detained for family size
February 18, 2020

A leaked document from a county in China's northwest details the personal information of some 3,000 Uyghurs. It gives violation of birth control policies as the most common reason for their “re-education”, often alongside other reasons.

New leak reveals secrets of China’s notorious Xinjiang camps
February 18, 2020
Construction of five four-story buildings is complete at the “transformation through education camp” in Shule county’s Chengnan district.

According to a newly leaked document from the Xinjiang camps, China is tracking every family and every movement of Muslim minority Uighurs.

“Ideological Transformation”: Records of Mass Detention from Qaraqash, Hotan
Feb 18, 2020

A new UHRP report analyzes a leaked document revealing ground-level implementation of the Chinese government’s mass detention program targeting Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples.

Briefing: A Uyghur’s Reflections on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jan 27, 2020

 China’s Unprecedented Campaign to Eradicate the Faith, Identity and Cultural Heritage of the Uyghur People

Remarks by Omer Kanat at the 15th Annual Reflections on the Holocaust and Genocides, January 26, 2019, Centers for Pluralism

UHRP BRIEFING: The “laboratory of repression” in East Turkistan: the action agenda | Remarks by Omer Kanat
Dec 13, 2019

The “laboratory of repression” in East Turkistan demands action by a long list of institutions. Universities, hospitals, and medical companies cannot claim ignorance. The cotton industry and tech companies are on notice. The World Bank and the Olympics are in the hot seat for complicity. History is watching. The lesson is very simple: business as usual must not continue.