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On Uyghur Genocide Recognition Day, 50+ Uyghur Organizations Call for an End to the Uyghur Genocide

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UHRP Deeply Concerned Over Reported 11-Year Sentence of Uyghur Singer Ablajan Ayup

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UHRP Joins 48 NGOs Calling on the Chinese Government to Respect Freedom of Expression, Press and Assembly

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Car Industry Must Take Immediate Action to Exit the Uyghur Region

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Nov 16, 2022 | UHRP REPORT

Forced Marriage of Uyghur Women: State Policies for Interethnic Marriages in East Turkistan

Chinese state media videos, government sanctioned stories, and accounts from women in the diaspora offer evidence that government incentivized and forced interethnic marriages have been occurring in the Uyghur Region since 2014.

Aug 28, 2022 | uhrp briefing

Fruits of Uyghur Forced Labor: Sanctioned Products on American Grocery Store Shelves

UHRP has found that 20 percent of red dates in the global supply chain are likely tainted by Uyghur forced labor. 

Mar 24, 2022 | uhrp report

Beyond Silence: Collaboration Between Arab States and China in the Transnational Repression of Uyghurs

This report assesses China’s efforts to target Uyghurs in a region they once considered safe: the Arab world. China’s transnational repression of Uyghurs in this region has been growing in scale and scope as the country’s relations with Arab states have strengthened.

Mar 9, 2022 | UHRP PHOTO ESSAY

Kashgar: Images of Demolition from the Cradle of Uyghur Culture

Table of Contents Werner Haug, a Swiss photographer and sociologist, traveled to Kashgar in 2003. On that trip, he took a series of photos documenting both daily life in the…

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December 9 Is Uyghur Genocide Recognition Day

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Solidarity Rally for China’s “A4 Revolution” Held in Liberty Plaza

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Taipei rally held in support of Chinese protesters

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Rep. Young Kim’s Uyghur Policy Act Passes House

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Government Boarding Schools as a Tool of Genocide in the 21st Century

Watch the UHRP co-sponsored event examining the implications of these crimes and the need for a policy response.

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