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UHRP Welcomes Survivors to the US to Give First-Hand Testimony on Atrocity Crimes Against Women Inside and Outside China’s Concentration Camps

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UHRP Welcomes New US Legislation to Address Transnational Repression

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Chinese Authorities Must Release “Blank Paper” Protesters and Allow Free Expression on COVID-19 Pandemic

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UN Committee Lambasts China for Trampling Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at Home and Abroad

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Feb 9, 2023 | uhrp report

The Complicity of Heritage: Cultural Heritage and Genocide in the Uyghur Region

This report argues that China’s actions in the Uyghur region constitute what UNESCO calls “strategic cultural cleansing”: the deliberate targeting of individuals and groups on the basis of their cultural, ethnic or religious affiliation, combined with the intentional and systematic destruction of their cultural heritage.

Feb 1, 2023 | UHRP Report

“On the Fringe of Society”: Humanitarian Needs of the At-Risk Uyghur Diaspora

The Chinese Party-state’s human rights atrocity crimes in the Uyghur region have caused a secondary humanitarian crisis among Uyghur diaspora communities worldwide.

Dec 21, 2022 | uhrp report

Decolonizing the Discussion of Uyghurs: Recommendations for Journalists and Researchers

This briefing outlines UHRP’s own guide to rendering the Uyghur language into Latin script, reporting Uyghur personal names, and writing Uyghur versions of geographical locations.

Nov 16, 2022 | UHRP REPORT

Forced Marriage of Uyghur Women: State Policies for Interethnic Marriages in East Turkistan

Chinese state media videos, government sanctioned stories, and accounts from women in the diaspora offer evidence that government incentivized and forced interethnic marriages have been occurring in the Uyghur Region since 2014.

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UNESCO Made Ukraine a Priority, but Xinjiang Fell by the Wayside

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Uyghur Muslims ‘Systematically Exterminated,’ Head of China Select Committee Says

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Three Uyghur poems

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China’s Crackdown on the Uyghurs Is the Most Globalized Genocide in History

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The Uyghur Tribunal: Opportunities for Change One Year Later

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